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Daniel Mahoney


Daniel Mahoney was born in halifax nova scotia. he moved to truro nova scotia and curently gose to ecole acadienne de truro. in grade 4 daniel discovered how to flip on a swing. he never went that far just fliping high and low. he never started doing tricks until later in his life. after is 15 minutes of fame were over he stoped fliping. about 3 years later him,samuel Dinan and michel macinon started fliping again...they were getting bored so then Daniel atempted a 180 and did it. this started new ideas that day a 180 crist air was landed a 360 backflip and a bunch of grabs. that day at lunch daniel sam and michel thought about makeing a team and after a long argument of names they setled on BFM (back flip maniacs) it origionaly ment (betrayal flama michel) but we thought it sounded stupid so it turned into backflip maniacs and has remained that way ever since.

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