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i started pogoing when i was about 8 years old. my sister asked my dad for a pair of moon shoes for cristmas but they were out of stock so she didnt get them. A month later my dad brought home a pogo stick to make up for not getting the moon shoes. it was a jumping jaxs Jr stick. the first day i only got 3 bounces. My older brother jonathan learned fast and soon got bored of bounceing up and down and so he dicided to do some gaps one log to another to anotherafter awile this got boreing and so he stoped. i gave it another try and didnt get more than 4 bounces this time. my sister liked it but never used it cause it was to hard for her.the next day jon got it out and started makeing up new tricks like one handers and one footers. he thought like most of us pogoers did that he had invented the new sport of extreme pogoing. after about a month i could bounce as long as i wanted(yes it took along time) i got really into it and jonathan slowly lost intrest. when winter came i forgot about it for 2 years and started up againit was on and off until i found and became inspierd again. i know pogo on a regular basis.

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pogo storys

my very first ulbs
i was haveing a bad day so i dicided to pogo...well i was doing giant leapfrogs and i sicided to atempt another ulbs...failed many times and then...i finaly did it!!! i was so happy!!! the day turned into a good day...:)

video shooting at ecole acadienne de truro
well i got some good footage that day and it was on that day that i mastered my grabs with both hands.