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tricks in this section are all tricks that are done on a swing without touching the ground with your feet or hands 

To do a fakie you do a backflip but you open yout legs so that they hit the chain and you flip but then you go back into a normal position
variations: reverse fakie
dificulty: easy

chain whip
when the swing is at its top hight pull up abit and do a circuler motion in the oposit direction with each hand. the swing chains should do a kind of whip motion
variations: double chain whip, reverse chain whip, reverse double chain whip
difficulty: easy

reland frontflip
basicly the most easy of flips that you land back on the swing with.  its kind of complicated but you might get it. put your arms are in front of the swing.put your hand upside down and grab the chain. when you go forwerds try to frontflip. do not let go. hold on tight. this way you will land normal.
variations: reverse reland frontflip
difficulty: normal

360 role
to do the 360 role you have to be swinging normal. then when you get near the top of the swings hight spin and land on your stomack. this is called the 180 role. but with this you add another 180 role so you will land normaly.
variations: 540 role, role back
dificulty: normal

do a 180 role and go no your stomack.put your hands in the reland frontflip position.put both of your feet against the chain.and use it so that you do not fall off forwerds.
vairiations: no handed cobra
dificulty: easy

reland 180
to do a reland 180 you put your hands in an x position. it is easyer the higher your hands are. then when the swing gose forwers pull up and spin your body. you should land on your knees and heep swinging. if you wish to go normal feet to knee.
variations: none
difficulty: normal

feet to knee
this trick is very easy. just pull up and bend your knees and land on them.
variations: none
difficulty: easy

Reland backflip
when your doing a reland backflip you need to pull up. try to hold on. when your buttox land back on the seat your arms will be in an awkwerd position and you will fint it extremely hard to get out of. with practise you will be able to make that better.
variations: none
difficulty: hard

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