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kinds of flips

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in this section i will explain how to do the basic backflips/frontflips/sideflips of all kinds. this section is disigned for beginers to learn how to flip.

Basic backflip
when you think you can do it when you go forwerds pull back. do not open your legs or you will get caught. when you have compleated the backflip let go and try not to touch the ground. the more you try the better you get. then when you have mastered the backflip try letting go sooner and sooner untill you can let go upsidedown. then move on to different tricks.
difficulty: easy

basic  reverse backflip
the reverse backflip may look easy but it is very hard to learn. you usualy find yourself landing on yuor stomack or on your back. my brother landed on his head the first time. it is very simaler to the normal flip. do the flip do not open your legs and let go after you do the entire flip. land on your feet.
note: i encourage you to learn a normal backflip first.
difficulty: normal

stomack frontflip
to do a stomack frontflip you need to do a 180 role onto your stomack then grab the chain with your hands in front and upside down on the chain. when your feet go forwerds push forwerd and do a frontflip off your swing. do not dive into it headfirst. you may think that going into it that way is me its not.
difficulty: normal 

to do a side flip you do a half 180 role. you should be swinging with your right hip on the swing. act like your doing a normal backflip. when you land it you should be standing sideways.
difficulty: normal

knee frontflip
do a 180 to knee and then grip the chain in the same way as a stomack frontflip. this time do nto do it in the way that feels reverse do it the front. in this flip you must let go upsidedown
difficulty: hard

wanabe no handed backflip
ok to do this flip you have to be on your are in a ball holding the chain. when you go forwerds let go and lean backwerds. you will do an easy no handed backflip.
difficulty: easy

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