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extreme combo mixs

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in this section you will see combos that have been turned into tricks of there own. most of these tricks are extremely difficult wile others are only very hard.

UU mctwist
the uu mctwist is like a diveing 360 with one hand on one chain in reverse frontflip position. its hard to kinda dive wile holding the chain and twist your body 360 degres at the same time... then land...
difficulty: very hard

click here to watch the UU mctwist

to do an icepick you do a 180 stomack jacknife frontflip.
difficulty: very hard

180 reverse tuck
you simply do a 180 reverse backflip but you do a tuck.
difficulty: extreme

180 role flip
to do this trick you do a 180 role then do a frontflip the very next second. not the next time you go that way. right away
difficulty: very hard

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